About Kadco

KADCO (sierra leone) limited started distillery business in the suburb of murray town, Freetown in the month of may 2011 it produces alcoholic non alcoholic milky chocolate and sugar free products.


The company is well known for producing the original bitter kola drinks and is the only distillery outfit in sierra leone that produces some of its beverages from well-selected plant extracts appreciated widely by the drinking public.


KADCO (sl) was inspired by president koroma’s call for the private sector to lead the development path of the country and was further encouraged by the enabling environment created for investors.


Kadco (sl) works closely with the sierra leone standards bureau the factory inspectorate of the ministry of labor the environment protection agency the ministry of health and others stakeholders to produce quality products in a healthy environment.


KADCO, one of the largest Indian owned manufacturers, market some of its product this way. “ We take the traditional herbs used to give the body power and strength and we mix that with the alcohol.” The label for Bitter kola, KADCO’S most popular beverage reads, “This herbal base bitter restores appetite, increase potency in men, cures piles and joint pains”.


A Bitter Kola truck urges customers to “Choose the Best, Forget the Rest.”


Top Management of KADCO is led by a young SIERRA LEONEAN with a Masters degree in management administration and works in their safety gears.


While KADCO have greatly contributed to consumption through dubious marketing campaigns, their investments have also helped to advance development in the struggling countries. KADCO have also provided hundreds of factory jobs to SIERRA LEONEANS.


Through its policy of community investment, KADCO has increased the supply of electricity to much of western free town and has established a recycling program that pays cash for returned bottles – No small feat in a country lacking waste management.